BlueJupyter: Automating Triage with Jupyter Notebooks

Samples for this section:

All samples located in PMAT-labs/labs/5-1.Automation-BlueJupyter/FORTRIAGE.7z

Note: For this section of the course, I am working on my Linux development workstation. This is outside of my lab environment. I confirmed that Blue-Jupyter functions as intended if you install it on REMnux, so feel free to carefully add REMnux back onto a NAT adapter and follow the install instructions for Blue-Jupyter.

Important: Please use this specific command to install poetry:

pip3 install poetry==1.1.14

This is a different command than what is shown in the video. The poetry dependencies have changed since releasing this video, which is why that version of poetry is required.

You may need to reboot your machine after running the pip3 install poetry==1.1.14 and pip3 install jupyter commands.

You may also need to remove the REMnux virtual environment package for poetry to run correctly: sudo apt remove --purge python3-virtualenv virtualenv

Then, feel free to transfer the Blue-Jupyter samples over to REMnux and perform the remainder of the steps. You need to be connected to the internet and must use a valid VirusTotal API key to get the API results. VirusTotal Public API keys are free and you can sign up for one here:

Once you are done, make sure to remove REMnux from the NAT adapter and double-check that it is back in the isolated lab environment.


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