Course Overview

This course focuses on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tactics and techniques designed to help you improve your investigative game. Students should take this course if they are interested in:

  • Gaining a better understanding of OSINT techniques
  • Improving investigative skillset
  • Improving overall research methodology
  • Improving Personal OPSEC


  • Prior Linux experience preferred
  • Prior virtualization knowledge preferred
  • Desire to learn is required :)

What will I learn?

The following concepts will be taught in this course:

  • OSINT Overview
  • Effective Notekeeping
  • Creating Sock Puppet Accounts
  • Basic and Advanced Search Engine OSINT
  • Image OSINT
  • Email Address OSINT
  • Breached Data OSINT
  • People OSINT
  • Phone Number OSINT
  • Username OSINT
  • Website OSINT
  • Social Media OSINT
  • Wireless Network OSINT
  • OSINT with Tools
  • Automating OSINT
  • Report Writing

This course is closed for enrollment.

About the Instructor

Hi everyone! My name is Heath Adams, but I also go by "The Cyber Mentor" on social media. I am the founder and CEO of TCM Security, an ethical hacking and cybersecurity consulting company. While I am an ethical hacker by trade, I love to teach! I have taught courses to over 170,000 students on multiple platforms, including Udemy, YouTube, Twitch, and INE.

I am currently OSCP, OSWP, eCPPTX, eWPT, CEH, Pentest+, CCNA, Linux+, Security+, Network+, and A+ certified. 

I'm also a husband, animal dad, tinkerer, and military veteran. I hope you enjoy my courses.

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